HILALCO is a full-service general construction and project development company with the resources and expertise to handle projects of any size, location or complexity.

Earth Works

HILALCO has carried out massive Earthmoving and Site Grading activities and has a proven track record in Early Development Projects for Site Preparation, Highway Construction, Community, and Township Development, Sea Port and Airport Development, Industrial Development and in Leisure & Entertainment Development projects.

Roads & Highways

HILALCO has undertaken many prestigious and demanding Road Works Contracts during the last Two decades and has completed more than 1000 Km lanes of Roads in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes the initial section of Abu Dhabi to Dubai Highway, Main roads in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City and Western region rural desert areas and several internal roads in high profile areas which requires significant traffic management and execution skills.

Utilities & Infrastructure

HILALCO has executed Infrastructure Projects for Urban Township Development since 1993. HILALCO has developed its infrastructure and utilities network capabilities to meet the large scale of urbanization demand that requires efficient delivery of essential water, drainage and sewerage services.

Bridges, Tunnels & Interchanges

HILALCO's "Special" category classification to build bridges places it in the forefront in constructing bridges in the UAE as well as numerous Underpasses and Flyovers that have been completed with in house resources for the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Building & Industrial Works

HILALCO’s capability is not limited to roads and Infrastructure works. HILALCO’s building expertise encompasses construction of hotels, residential developments, industrial facilities, Substations and civil works for Industrial buildings.

General & Special Civil Works

HILALCO posses the capabilities to execute special Civil Works like Heavy Equipment Foundations, Water intake Structures, Culverts Crossing, Border Security Fences, Rip Rap Works, Embankment Works, Duct Chambers and any specialized Civil Works.


Airport projects symbolize the challenges and demands facing every contractor, owner and design professionals. HILALCO meet the challenges of airport projects and dealt with them in a careful, sensitive, comprehensive and compassionate manner, guiding the projects to a successful completion.

Marine Works

Marine Construction work is yet another field of experience of HILALCO as evidenced in Abu Dhabi Breakwater road to Marina Mall, Al Raha Beach Hotel, Delma Jetty and artificial islands for power distribution pylons in the Umm Al Nar channel.

MEP Works

HILALCO diversified into MEP works in 1998 and since then has obtained vast experience in the various MEP field.

Irrigation & Soft Landscaping Works

HILALCO's expertise goes beyond urban infrastructure. The company has completed unique projects to build theme parks, resorts and wildlife sanctuaries, creating a perfect balance between aesthetic elegance and architectural proficiency. HILALCO can take the vision of clients and make a reality.

Hardscaping & Theming Works

HILALCO’s expertise in Hardscaping includes nearly 10 years involvement in the Iconic Development of Al Ain Zoo Safari Park and World Desert which consist of hard and soft landscape development of 900 hectares of land.

About us

HILALCO - Hilal Bil Badi & Partners Contracting Company (WLL) has been active in multidisciplinary Construction Projects in Abu Dhabi since 1996.

Major Projects

By nature Civil Work is geographically diverse and extremely demanding. This has made us versatile civil builders equally in busy city environments as well as in remote areas.

Being sustainable is more important than it’s ever been, and to have a sustainable business is to have a resilient business. Hilalco is committed in preventing environmental and social harm, as well as replenishing our natural systems & renewable resources and having a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.

Hilalco believes the utilization of green technologies would be a crucial factor towards ensuring the sustainable development and progress of the construction industry. We implement environmentally conscious decisions at each level of the supply chain to meet the demand, while promoting a greater interest in sustainable solutions, clean energies and recycling resources. Hilalco has identified the use of renewable energy, environmentally sustainable materials and the sustainable management of waste as one of the top priorities.

With our operational activities spread across the Emirate, we recognize the great opportunity for us to give back more to a wider cross-section of the society, and we thoroughly enjoy making a difference, by winning many accolades.

Our team was delighted that the ‘World Deserts and Oasis’ project was recognized and awarded the best “Social, Culture and Heritage Project of the Year at the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) awards. The MEED Projects Awards are for the projects who reflect innovation, sustainability, social impact, design, construction, engineering, and health & safety as part of the successful project delivery. Hilalco was chosen over numerous entries from leading organizations, project owners, contractors and consultants across various unique categories.

With commercialization growing at a phenomenal rate, there is more demand on the world’s resources than ever before. At Hilalco, we believe that we all have a responsibility, to help shape developments that support a more sustainable future. As of now, Hilalco has completed various landmark Estidama projects shaping the sustainable solution in line with the Estidama certification systems, that are set up to address the goal of sustainable development. Amongst all, Central Park is the first Exemplar Pearl awarded project in the UAE and has been designed & built by Hilalco to reflect the four principles – economic, environment, social and cultural – the highest sustainability standards that includes :

• Reduction in Carbon Emissions, Energy and Water consumption.

• Improved Construction and Operational Waste Management.

• Energy from Renewable sources.

Successful completion of Jubail Mangrove Park Project which is the first self-contained educational, nature and leisure destination of its kind in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Hudayriat Island a natural haven and one of the emirate’s most thrilling sporting destinations while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. These projects were achieved by diligent management of the mangrove community and the marine environment.

We implement innovative waste management and green power management to help minimize waste, usage of fossil fuels, encourage re-use and recycling, hence reducing the Green House Gas Emissions and operating more sustainably. Hilalco has been a staunch supporter of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre’s (Tadweer) initiatives in maintaining a clean and safe environment through its waste management and recycling efforts across its facilities and project. We are proud of our waste reusing and recycling figures across our operational sites.

Our commitment and determination is driven by our exceptional team who constantly endeavors to go for the best and to find better ways of working in a sustainable manner. Hilalco believes the need to transform the way we build, operate and repurpose the built environment.